How I Rate Cigars and Wines

I rate cigars and wines on the 100 point scale. The factors for rating wines and cigars does vary, but not dramatically so. I try and take in all aspects while tasting cigars and wines, and usually when tasting, I am doing the same things I always do. The system isn't perfect, but nothing is. For cigars, I try to smoke three cigars for the review. There are times where I will smoke two, and sometimes I will only smoke one, but mostly I smoke three cigars for the review.

I only post in-depth reviews of cigars that are 90+ in point value. If I don't have the cigar getting above a 90 then I am not going to post anything negative about the cigar, just share some positive highlights. I am only looking to review cigars that you as a consumer should buy!

90-93 is very good.
94-97 is great
98-99 is outstanding
100 is just perfect, a classic experience.

*I would like to stat that there is a big difference between any increase in value. 

  1. Appearance of the Cigar - 10 Points (wrapper quality, the cap, veins, etc.)
  2. Aroma of the Cigar - 10 Points (aroma of foot and wrapper, cold draw)
  3. Smoking Characteristics of the Cigar - 15 Points (burn quality, canoeing, tunneling, coning, runners) 
  4. Flavor - 30 Points (What do I taste? Is it sweet, salty, sour, bitter? More in depth- chocolate, leather, coffee, wood, etc.)
  5. Overall - 35 Points (How was the smoke overall, would I but it again, would I recommend it, etc.)
  1. Color of Wine - 15 Points (Ruby, Purple, Clear, Yellow, Gold, etc.)
  2. Aroma - 25 Points (Currants, Berries, wood, spice, etc.)
  3. Body - 25 Points (How does it feel, tannins, taste, etc.)
  4. Overall - 35 Points (What did this wine leave me with?)
My Working Area
Note: If you wonder how a cigar makes it into my Top 25 List of that year, it is very simple. From the day I post my Seth's Humidor Top 25 Cigars, December 21st, I begin taking a list of cigars that I have smoked. That list continues to grow until December 20th of the following year. Any cigar in that list, whether I have reviewed it in previous years or it is a brand new review has the potential of making it into Seth's Humidor Top 25 Cigars. I look at the cigars I smoked in that year, and not new releases or reviews of that year. If it was great two years, and it is great right now, then it qualifies. Just because it is new does not mean that it makes it in, or has an upper hand in making the Top 25 list of that year. With all of that being said, let us look at past winners.