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Sally Warner - Online Shopping for Electronics. Welcome to my Amazon Author Page! I am honored you stopped by. I'm the author of over forty books so far, most of them novels for young readers and middle readers.

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30 First Chapter Books For Kids: Series About Boys First chapter books about boys! Books for kids ages 6-10 that are funny, exciting, and meaningful. All kids will relate to these charming boy protagonists.

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EllRay Jakes Is Magic: Sally Warner, Brian Biggs. EllRay Jakes Is Magic [Sally Warner, Brian Biggs] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Small kid. Big Stage. Does EllRay have a talent to put on.

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Redwall (Redwall Series #1) by Brian Jacques, Gary Chalk. Only the lost sword of Martin the Warrior can save Redwall Abbey from the evil rat Cluny and his greedy horde. The young mouse Matthias (formerly Redwall's most.