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Idaho’s Greatest Big Game’s mission is to gather, preserve, and share Idaho’s tremendous hunting history and heritage. Since 1997, founder Ryan Hatfield has.

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Allegheny Trophy Whitetails | Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts. Allegheny Trophy Whitetails, located in northwestern Pennsylvania, USA is offering introductory hunts on three exclusive hunting Ranches.

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Meline’s Lodge & Guide Service | Luxury Fishing, Hunting. Meline's Lodge and Guide Service is an American Plan and Housekeeping lodge located on Sabaskong Bay, Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada.

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Information about whitetail deer, Odocoileus virginiansis. WHITETAIL DEER - THE SPECIES Whitetails (Odocoileus virginiansis ) have been around a long time. The species is 3½ million years old, and they are such awesomely.

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Snipe Creek Lodge - Kentucky Deer Hunting Outfitter Kentucky deer hunting Western Kentucky rut is widely misunderstood by most, including West Kentucky deer outfitters. We are #1. Velvet, rifle, and black powder only.

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Sunfish Valley Whitetails - Ohio Whitetail Deer Outfitters Sunfish Valley Whitetails is an outfitter located in southern Ohio in Pike county. We offer fully guided, fair chase whitetail deer hunts and turkey hunts on 15,000.