July 14, 2021

Fête de la Fédération: The Collaboration of Seth's Humidor & Cigar Federation

As today is July 14th, Fête de la Fédération & Bastile Day, it seemed appropriate to make this announcement today. After four years and a little over five months of contributing reviews, some news, and thoughts to the cigar world, Seth's Humidor is no longer going to be on it's own but will be collaborating with Cigar Federation to make a stronger Fédération. I thought that it was only fitting to merge with the writers and community of Cigar Federation, and in the end it will be something completely new. In nautical terms- I liked to think of Seth's Humidor as a frigate and Cigar Federation as a Man O' War before this collaboration, and together we will make a true Ship of the Line.

Starting today, all new Seth's Humidor content will be posted to Cigar Federation and older content will be moved in stages. Seth's Humidor will remain open for a week, but will then be diverted to Cigar Federation. Thank you all for your time, support and respect over the years, and have no worries or fears in that I am departing. I will remain active and involved, and with the free time I have, I will have the ability to provide more editorials and think pieces to the industry.

Thank you all, and enjoy my review of the soon to be released- Laranja Reserva Caixa on Cigar Federation today.