July 7, 2021

Cigar Review: Davidoff Escurio Robusto

In 2019, Davidoff released the Davidoff Nicaragua which was of the most exciting and unique releases that year. For the longest time, Davidoff was known as a company that did not leave it's comfort zone of the Dominican Republic, and while they used some tobacco from other countries, it was "never the focus" in any of the blends. The Davidoff Nicaragua definitely changed that, as it was a Nicaraguan puro, and with that release we were taken in a new direction from Davidoff. They showed the industry that they were capable of doing much more than what they had done year to date, and they did what many companies "dream of" or "wish they could do." Following that release they re-blended the Winston Churchill, creating another blend that was very unique for the company, and once again the market was caught off guard and pleased. In continuing down this road of unexpected yet enjoyable twists and turns, Davidoff recently announced its newest line, Davidoff Escurio. Like the Davidoff Nicaragua, the Davidoff Escurio takes us away from the Dominican Republic, but this time Davidoff takes us to the South American country of Brazil.

The Davidoff Escurio will be showcased at the IPCPR trade show in New Orlean, LA in two weeks, and already it is receiving much praise. They line is a collection of three vitola offerings, and all are a robusto of sorts- ranging from petit to grand robustos. For this review I went with the middle vitola- simply called Robusto, and it measures 4 1/2" with a 54 ring gauge. The cigar is being made in the Dominican Republic, and they are made at Cigars Davidoff. As for the blend, the cigar begins with an Ecuadorian Havana Seed wrapper and it has a Brazilian Cubra Seed binder. Cubra is the name for Cuban-seed Criollo grown in Brazil. The filler blend is composed of Brazilian Mata Fina and Cubra tobacco with some Dominican San Vincente, Piloto, and hybrid Olor/Piloto Seco in there as well. All the Brazilian tobacco used is from the Recôncavo Basin in the Bahia state of the country, and it is on far eastern coast.

The robusto is rolled perfectly and you can tell attention was paid from beginning to end. The cap is perfectly applied and the same goes for the bands. The seems are nearly invisible with the wrapper, and the wrapper itself sports few veins with the ones present being minor overall. The coloring on the wrapper is that of a dark Colorado, and while I would not say it is Colorado Maduro, it is near that degree. It has a milk chocolate coloring, and there is a nice reddish clay color present as well. The foot of the cigar is delivering a soft rich earth quality, and it is paired with some hay and red pepper qualities. There is a sweetness present as well, and the wrapper is delivering a leathery and more woody quality to balance it all out.

The Escurio opens up by delivering some terrific flavors, and it is showing this great sweet spice flavor profile. There are some definite red pepper notes present, sharp tobacco as well, but it is balanced with this rich and sweet earthy flavor that is terrific. I am picking up some leather and citrus notes as well, and it is a great blend. You can pick up hints of the Dominican tobacco, but you really pick up that Brazilian tobacco flavor, and when you smoke enough Brazilian tobacco you know what it tastes like. I would say this is a medium-full flavor cigar, possibly even full, and it is accompanied by a nice body and strength level which are at a medium-full level. Overall, a complex blend that has a nice bit of depth. The construction thus far has been great as well and it is producing an easy draw that is cool with a lot of smoke. The burn line is nearly dead on as well and with that is a light gray ash that is near white in coloring, holding on firmly.

As I enter into the second third of the cigar I find that the heavy spice notes fade and that is the case for the red pepper notes in particular. I am left with a rich and damp earth quality and a rise in some chocolate flavors. It is accompanied by a nice sweet tobacco flavor, and there are some grain likes qualities present as well with a soft cedar and citrus finish. It is a medium-full flavored cigar in this third and that goes for the body as well. The strength is a little bit less, more medium in my opinion, but it is a complex blend that has shown a nice bit of depth and some transitioning into the final third. The construction remains top notch with the cigar and it is showing an even burn line in this third. It is still producing a firm ash on the end, and it has a coloring that is a soft gray with hints of brown in it as well. The draw remains cool, producing a nice bit of smoke with each puff, and it is a lovely second third to the cigar.

The final third shows a return of the sharp tobacco notes and with that the heavy spice and red pepper qualities. It is pairing well off of the sweet tobacco and rich earth notes, and it is completed with some subtle chocolate notes. I am still picking up those cedar, citrus, and leather flavors as well, and it is a complete blend that is full in complex. Throughout the cigar there has been a great amount of depth, and it is a full flavored cigar to the end. The strength and body have reached a full level as well in the final third and it is a finish that leaves you satisfied. This is a great cigar to end the day with, but it is also a great afternoon cigar and one that you would smoke again throughout the rest of the day. The construction is top notch in the final third, as it has been throughout, and it is showing a cool draw with a great bit of smoke produced off of each puff. The ash has kept that light gray coloring, and it holds on firmly to the nub.

The Davidoff Escurio Robusto is a success in my book and it is a blend that delivers an abundance of complex flavors throughout. From beginning to end the cigar possesses depth and transitioning, and it is a blend that shows the balance between Brazilian tobacco and that of Davidoff Dominican tobacco. It has a wonderful sweet spice base that is amplified with hints of citrus qualities, chocolate and sweet tobacco notes as well. The construction is nothing but stellar, and it is a medium-full to full style cigar. The Escurio line itself is a great addition to the ever growing Davidoff brand, and it another awesome new release that shows the diversity of Davidoff as a whole. For a long time, the company was known simply for the use of Dominican tobacco, but in past year they have begun to use tobaccos from Central and South America more prominently. In the past two years, Davidoff has been reaching out to new smokers and at the same time reminding old supporters of the strengths of Davidoff and why they should continue to smoke the band. With releases like the soon to be released Escurio, the two year old Nicaragua, and the recently re-blended Winston Churchill,  I eagerly await future and "different" Davidoff projects. In the meantime, the Davidoff Escurio receives a 91 rating and it is truly an original blend that I will enjoy for a long time.

Seth's Humidor Rating: 91

*Cigars for this assessment were provided to Seth's Humidor by Davidoff.