June 21, 2021

Week in Review (Volume 3, Issue 23)

Seth's Humidor
Week in Review (Volume 3, Issue 23)

Would like to wish all the men folk out there a Happy Father's Day. With that being said, I am going to go back to my family to enjoy my Father' Day. Enjoy the read, and enjoy your Father's Day!

Cigar News This Week:

Cigars Reviewed This Week:

Cigars Smoked This Week:

I began this week with the new Las Calaveras from Crowned Heads. If you recall what I said about the original/last year's release, you would know that it was not positive. And if you follow Jon Huber online and listen to some interviews on podcasts, you will see that I am categorized as a hater of Crowed Heads. The reality is that I was not a fan of last year's release, I stand by that, and there are plenty of well respected palates that agree with me. Was I harsh in my wording? Probably, but it was accurate at the time. I say at the time because until then I had not smoked the Ortega Project. Now that I have, I can say that the Ortega Project is the worst cigars to leave the My Father factory. I would review it, but I can't make my way past the halfway mark. Anyways, we are getting distracted. This past week I smoked the new Las Calaveras, and I found that it was completely different than the previous release. I would provide more details, but I am going to let you see the review later in the week. What I will say, and we can look at this in musical terms, is that I am not a hater of Crowned Heads, I just preferred the early years. 

Review Coming Soon. 

I came back to the L'Atelier Maduro this week and this is a line that I really love. In all honesty, I am a big fan of the releases from L'Atelier, and it is a brand that I can get behind, more so than Tatuaje. There are some great Tatuaje releases that I love, but there are some ones I don't care about as well. What makes the L'Aatelier Maduro so great in my opinion is the use of the Sancti Spiritus tobacco. It really does a lot for the Broadleaf wrapper and makes for a complex smoke. It delivers all of those great Broadleaf flavors, but it has an added complexity that is more than just Nicaraguan Corojo and Criollo. They are great young, but with age they smoke wonderfully. I smoked some original releases recently, and they are on fire! 

I am going to be honest with you. I am not sure where I stand with the Siempre Tamboril on a personal level. I have smoked two thus far, one I really enjoyed, but the other one I kept going back and forth on. It has a unique flavor profile that some will enjoy, but it is nice to see Tony get another blend out to the market. What I am saying is that I need to take my time on this, and I will let you know my final verdict. 

Review Coming ... Soon.

Returning to another release from a brand where I have been categorized as a hater, I lit up the Tennessee Waltz recently, thanks to a friend in Nashville, Tennessee. This Broadleaf release is definitely a solid release, and I love the flavors delivered. It has a nice rich cocoa and gritty earth flavor, but there are some graham cracker, cinnamon, and molasses flavors present as well. I have not been the biggest fan of Broadleaf releases from My Father, besides Tatuaje releases that is, but this is a good smoke that I would come back to again and again. With great construction and enjoyable flavors, this is a cigar that many would smoke and enjoy. I see why my man Ben "Bull Skarh" Lee loves this cigar.

Review Coming Soon.