June 14, 2021

Week in Review (Volume 3, Issue 22)

Seth's Humidor
Week in Review (Volume 3, Issue 22)

I would like to say congratulations to Cigar Federation and Cigar Dojo for their work in creating the Viaje Throw Down Project. It is great to see two forums like theirs come together with a release of this nature, and this is the mentality that the industry needs. This is an industry where individuals involved say "it is like no other and there is an unmatched camaraderie," but the truth is that it's not, and that statement is complete bullshit. The only time that you really see this industry come together is over our cigar rights, and even then it is too little too late. It seems like there are only five companies who are paying attention to their rights as individuals in the cigar industry, and those are the companies that will be able continue on after the storm.

News This Week:

Cigars Reviewed This Week:

Tuesday, June 9th, 2021: Ramón Allones Grandes Edición Regional España (2008)

Friday, June 12th, 2021: Room 101 Ichiban Ranfla

Cigars Smoked This Week:

I began this week with the RoMa Craft Neanderthal. The latest release from RoMa Craft, the Neanderthal was showcased at the 2020 IPCPR, but was delayed in being released by ten months. The cigar is the strongest blend from the company to be released, and it comes in one national vitola. (There is a smaller offering that is exclusive to a handful of retailers and also available at events.) The cigar itself is a powerhouse, and it is the strongest stick I have had in a while. I have smoked three and two of them were too much for me. With its strength though are some solid flavors, and it makes for a cigar that would be appealing to smokers looking for full strength cigars with some solid flavors on top of that. If you want something that is completely #beastmode, smoke this cigar. If not, I would pass.

Review Coming Soon.

I smoked and reviewed the new D'Crossier this week, and it is a solid blend from the company. It is not as good as some of the company's portfolio that has been on the market, but it is also less than half of the cost as those older releases. The cigar is called D'Crossier Selection No. 512, and it is a blend of Costa Rican, Ecuadorian, and Dominican tobacco. It is a rich cigar that has a long finish, and it comes with a decent body and strength that are just north of medium. It has a flavor profile of coffee, cinnamon, and pepper, and there is a nice meaty and leathery flavor on the finish. Overall, a cigar that should not be passed up on. 

I lit up the new Throw Down Project releases from Viaje for Cigar Federation and Cigar Dojo this week, and this is a cool project. It is fun to see a friendly competition between these two great forums, and it is great to see a brand owner like Andre Farkas of Viaje see the important of these two sites and work with them on the release. Both the Criollo '98 and Mexican San Andres offerings are solid, but I am not going to be going into additional details as I want to save that. I was originally going to review the cigar, giving them a value, but I want to play along with their system and vote for my favorite there. 

Review Coming Soon.

I went with the Casa Fernandez Arsenio Oro last night and this is a solid release from the company that seems to be overlooked by many. I will tell you that this is not like the original Arsenios, it is ten times better, and it is a great box pressed offering from the company. I find that it is a medium to medium-full cigar in terms of flavors, and that the body and strength are around the medium level. It shows a nice bit of sweet Asian spice notes throughout, and it has this definite coffee and cinnamon flavor that I really enjoy. If you have not smoked these yet, I highly recommend them. 

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