June 24, 2021

Cigar Review: Las Calaveras Edición Limitada 2021 LC52

Last year was a tremendous year for Crowned Heads and whether or not you cared for all of the releases, you can't deny that they put out a great number of cigars that a lot of smokers reached out to and enjoyed. With releases like Jericho Hill, Las Calaveras, and Tennessee Waltz, Crowned Heads dominated many online bloggers Top "Some Number" list, and in the end the company received a great bit of recognition including being recognized as the Brand of the Year by the Cigar Media Association. In my opinion, the company's biggest releases last year was the Las Calaveras Edición Limitada 2020, and it was the first release with My Father Cigars. It was released as a limited edition, though it is now regular production under a new name and new packaging, and it received much praise from the online community. I did not care for the release and I made that public, but a lot of people did and because of that the cigar and the Las Calaveras name has received much success.

As the company made clear, this would a be an annual limited edition release that changed in blend each year. It would always be around, though different from year to year and released for a short period of time. With the amount of success the 2020 release had, it was no surprise that smokers were eager to smoke the 2021 offering, and I was intrigued as well. Anytime you make a follow up release it can be successful or disastrous, and it can be either of those after the initial release was a success or a failure. I am curious to see where I fell in terms of enjoyment on this second releases, others as well, and so today I look at this new Las Calaveras and see if it speaks to me.

Released in three offerings, two the same as last year, the 2021 Las Calaveras is limited to 30,000 cigars in each size, giving us a total of 90,000 cigars. The cigars are made in Nicaragua at My Father Cigars S.A.,and this has become the new home for Crowned Heads. The blend is different when looking at last year's release, and this year's blend revolves around an Ecuadorian Habano Rosado wrapper with Nicaraguan binders and fillers. While the imagery and bands are the same as last year, there is a change in coloring scheme. For this review I went with the LC52, and it is a 6" by 52 ring gauge toro.  Las Calaveras features a lovely Colorado coloring to the wrapper, and it has some antique Natural coloring as well. The cigar sports a few minor veins throughout, and there are some medium sized ones as well. It is finished with a triple cap that is applied well, and the cigar is fairly firm throughout. The foot of the cigar is delivering an aroma of cream, sugar, tobacco, cedar, and spices, and I am picking up an aroma of dry earth, tobacco, and wood on the wrapper.

The first third has a nice beginning overall and it is delivering a flavor profile that has a nice amount of spice present. There are black pepper qualities that are really present, and they are pairing with this dryer tobacco and wood flavor. It has this oaky and cedar vibe, and it is sowing some toasty notes on top of that. The finish is creamier, and while it is showing those pepper flavors, there is some sweetness present there as well that is very graham cracker like. I would classify the flavors as being medium-full, and it has a body and strength level that are at that same level. All the aspects are working off of one another quite well, and I am enjoying the experience. The construction is top notch as well and it is showing an even burn line with a light charcoal ash on the end. The ash is holding on firmly, and it is producing a cool draw with a lot of smoke being produced.

I am in the second third of the cigar now and it is continuing to deliver those enjoyable flavors from the first third. It has a nice leather, tobacco, and oak profile, and it is accompanied by some nice creamy qualities that really balance it all out. There are some toasty and pepper notes on the finish, and it has a faint sweetness of graham cracker that is softer than it was before. I would still say that the cigar is smoking at a medium-full level in terms of flavors, but the strength and body seem a little bit softer while still above medium. Overall, I am digging the profile of the cigar and it is my cup of tea. The construction continues to be top notch as well and it is showing an even burn line with that solid charcoal ash on the end. The ash is holding on firmly and there is a cool draw with a nice bit of smoke being produced.

When I enter into the final third of the cigar, I find that the creamy and sweet aspects have faded and it is showing a finish that is natural and focusing on the tobacco, pepper, and wood notes. I am picking up black pepper with some toast qualities, and it has that dry earth and wood flavor on top of it. There are some leather and barnyard notes present as well, and it is a smooth finish with a stronger flavor profile. I would say that the entire cigar is smoking around a medium-full level, and the flavors are really matching the body and strength nicely. The construction continues to be top notch in this third and it is showing an even burn line with that charcoal ash on the end. The cigar smokes smoothly to the end, and it is producing a nice bit of smoke. To the nub, the cigar delivers those dry summer like flavors, and it is an enjoyable finish.

When you look at the range of wrapper colors, going from Double Claro to Oscuro, I am a smoker that prefers cigars with  coloring right around the middle, ranging from Colorado Claro to Colorado Maduro. I believe the cigars in this "color range" typically release the best flavor profile, and it is a flavor profile that is balanced and complex. It is not overwhelming or lacking in strength, and because of that there is balance throughout the cigar. This year's Las Calaveras had that balance, and with that was a very enjoyable flavor profile. There was a nice bit of complexity with the blend and it showed some depth and transitioning throughout. Along with that, the body and strength really worked with the flavors delivered and that added to the overall enjoyment and impression of the cigar. To me, it is a cigar with this old school vibe and once again that is what I enjoy. It is very different than last year's, so that may be positive or negative depending on the smoker, but I really cared for it. In speaking with the online community who have smoked it, it is interesting to see what their opinions are, and it is always fun to hear people saying the same thing I am. I give the Las Calaveras Edición Limitada 2021 LC52 a 91 rating and look forward to trying out the cigar in different sizes.

Seth's Humidor Rating: 91

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