May 1, 2021

What Embargo? Episode Veintiséis: Colin Ganley on Cuba

Check out What Embargo? Episode Veintiséis to hear our conversation with Colin Ganley of Cigar Tourism and Twin Engine Coffee. Colin has been a part of the cigar industry on the journalistic side since 2004, and has been traveling to Cuba since that same year. For many years he was part of Cigar Journal, but with his departure he settled down in Nicaragua and began Twin Engine Coffee and Cigar Tourism. While the main focus of his tours are cigar related and they travel to Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua, he also offers cultural trips to Cuba that are not cigar focused. Colin is an incredibly bright individual, having a lot of knowledge on cigars, coffee, and Cuba, and the interview was a great experience for Catfish and Tuna

Check out the interview, but more importantly check out Cigar Tourism and his trips. Oh, and grab a bag of coffee from Twin Engine, you will not be disappointed.