May 3, 2021

Week in Review (Volume 3, Issue 16)

Seth's Humidor
Week in Review (Volume 3, Issue 16)

After participating in two blending seminar this week, it was great to hear some questions from smokers across the nation and see what an expert like Jose Blanco have to say. I knew a lot of the answers and could answer the participants questions well, but not to the degree that Jose Blanco did and can. As Jose said, this is an industry where you are always learning and I know that is the case for someone like myself. I may know a lot and be able to talk cigars, but I still learn new things when engaging in conversations like I did this past week. Looking back on the week though and what I smoked, I can tell you that I enjoyed a lot of AGANORSA tobacco, and some of their prized media tiempo leaves as well. There is something about AGANORSA tobacco that I connect with, and what is great about their tobacco is that it comes off well in not just Casa Fernandez blends, but the companies that work with them as well.

News This Week:

April 30th, 2021: Camacho Announces Camacho American Barrel-Aged

April 30th, 2021: Selected Tobacco Announces Two New Byrons

Cigars Smoked This Week:

I started this past week with a Flor de Selva Maduro No. 15. This is a terrific belicoso and a tremendous maduro offering. It shows the great qualities that come with a maduro, but at the same time is more complex and fairly natural at the same time. I am a big fan of Flor de Selva, and love that they are using Honduran tobacco, and this is a cigar I do not get tired of smoking. I look forward to the Toro release this summer, but in the meantime I will keep enjoying this beauty. It is a medium-full to full body/strength cigar, and with that come nice spice, pepper, coffee, rich earth, and leather notes. If you are going to smoke one cigar by Maya Selva, this is the cigar to smoke.

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I came back to the Cream Machine by Lost & Found  this week and found it to be fairly similar to how it smoked earlier this year. It is a cigar that shows a nice peppery quality to it, but there are some cedar and creamy aspects there as well. I was picking up some earthy qualities as well, and it had a dried tobacco finish. I was not really blown away by the cigar, though I did not hate it, but it was a cigar that made me ask why I would not just smoke a La Barba Purple or one of the three premium releases from Caldwell. The concept of Lost & Found is noble and cool, but there are flaws to it that when they are bad flaws can really bring down the line.

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The newest release from Warped Cigars is simply stunning and it is a great use of AGANORSA tobacco. The addition of media tiempo in the Flor del Valle blend is brilliant, and it makes for a cigar that is powerful and flavorful, but also very balanced. If you have never enjoyed AGANORSA medio tiemp you are missing out, and that is why I recommend you pick up some of these babies. The size is great for the blend, and it is easily my favorite Flor del Valle offering. Sky Flower is truly a special cigar and I hope that Warped Cigars does not change this one bit. I think adding vitolas would kill the mystique to the cigar, and I hope they keep it limited in terms of regular production down the road.

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Senorial is a line that is a classic in my opinion, and it is a line that shows a lot of great qualities with each vitola. The corona gorda is very spicy and meaty, the belicoso very earthy and Cubanesque, and with the Toro Bravo you get a lot of fruit bread, spice, and creamy qualities. The changes throughout the vitolas are great, and while there is a core flavor profile throughout the line, there is a uniqueness that comes with each cigar. This line itself is a line that ages very well, and I believe that it will continue to age well for some time. That is due to the tobacco being used and the strength and body it has. By no means is the cigar young, it is just a blend that will be great not just now, but down the road.

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Enough of doing weekly write-ups, I am reviewing this tomorrow!

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