May 31, 2021

Month in Review (Volume 1, Issue 4): May 2021 Highlight

Seth's Humidor
Month in Review: (Volume 1, Issue 5)
May 2021 Highlight

I was going back through my documents on what cigars qualified this month and after going through them I had to recheck my list. Maybe I am getting tougher, maybe blends are not popping like they should to get my attention, but this marks the first month where only cigar qualifies for my Monthly Highlights. While that may be a disappointment to some, expecting to see some great cigars, let's look at the positive and see this as an exceptional cigar that should not be passed on. It's no surprise the company made the list, they are an exceptional company, and this line definitely turned some heads. With that said, let's look at the month of May and a special cigar.  

Fume D'Amour is a special and exceptional cigar that has done very well for me in ratings, and besides me, has done very well for many others also. It made it's way onto many Top 10/25 lists last year, and the Cigar Media Association voted on it being the #1 Cigar of 2021. It is a brilliant blend that delivers an abundance of flavors and is balanced with a solid medium body and strength level. I have smoke a variety of the vitolas, finding them all terrific, but my second favorite vitola which I received this month was the Lagunas. Lagunas is a petit corona that measures 4 1/2" with a 42 ring gauge, and it made at TABSA in Esteli, Nicaragua. It is a Nicaraguan puro, and is composed of tobacco that is primarily Corojo seed. No ligero was used in the blend and there is a lot of tobacco form Jalapa used in the blend. It delivers flavors of  sweet Asian spices, creamy, honey. and tobacco, and it has some cinnamon and coffee notes present as well. Construction is perfect throughout and it is a cigar you can come back to over and over again. I gave it a 92, and it is the highest rated cigar for the month of May. I typically call these write up as Monthly Highlights, but this is the only cigar that qualified for the list so it is more of a Monthly Highlight

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