May 6, 2021

Cigar Review: Davidoff Royal Robusto

When one thinks of Davidoff, they think of super premium cigars that are flavorful and very balanced. They may not be full strength cigars, full body either, but they are solid medium body and strength cigars that are packed with an abundance of flavors. They always deliver terrific qualities, and never disappoint to a degree that makes them not worth what they are. (Price included.) With that being said, there are some Davidoff releases that are in a higher level than the core Davidoff releases, and are ultra premium cigars. These cigars are typically limited editions or limited production releases, and they are composed of even more limited and premium tobacco. This is where cigars like Year of The Snake lies, and my experience with Davidoff, when it comes to this level it has always been positive. Today I look at one of these ultra premium cigars, and that cigar is the Davidoff Royal Robusto.

Measuring 5 1/2" with a 55 ring gauge, the Royal Robusto is a large robusto, and it nearly has the size of the Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill. The cigar is composed with five ligero priming tobaccos that are rare and aged, and it is a Dominican blend with a Dominican binder. The wrapper is from Ecuador, and it is Connecticut seed. The Royal Robusto comes with a simple wrapper that has a nice golden brown coloring to it. There are few veins present throughout, and it is quite silky in texture. The secondary band really adds a lot to the cigar overall, and it turns a classic but simple cigar into something elegant. The coloring is quite lovely, and it has touches of red here and there.The foot of the cigar is giving off an aroma of fruit, fruit bread, sweet spices, hay, and tobacco, and the wrapper is showing qualities of hay and wood.

The first third opens up by showing some lovely fruit notes, and it has a combination of berry and tropical fruit qualities. There is a nice level of spice present with that, and it is showing some sweetness with cinnamon qualities. There is a nice bit of cream, cedar, and hay present as well, and it has a finish of tobacco and earthy qualities. It is a complete cigar in my opinion, and very light and flavorful. There is a nice Davidoff finish with the cigar, and I would classify the strength and body as being medium overall, pairing with the flavor level perfectly. The construction is simply terrific as well, and it is showing an even burn line with a nice charcoal ash on the end. The draw is cool and open, and there is a nice bit of smoke being produced with each puff. So far, this is a complex cigar and is very enjoyable. It is a solid Davidoff release, and I would not expect anything less from a cigar like this.

When I get into the second third, I find that there are some nice transitioning qualities and it is showing a nice sweet tobacco with hay and grass flavor. There are still some berry and fruit flavors present as well, and it is finishing by showing this cream, cedar and and cinnamon spice flavor profile. It is a complex blend that is very smooth and also approachable. The body and strength are smoking at a medium level, and they are pairing with the medium strength flavors. Overall, it is a complex cigar that is delivering a lot of great qualities. The construction is simply terrific with the blend and it is showing an even burn line with that solid light charcoal ash on the end. The draw is cool, producing a smooth experience, and there is a nice bit of smoke being produced with each draw.

The final third produces some great closing flavors and it is showing a lovely sweet spice flavor profile. There is a nice sweet tobacco flavor with that and it has some fruity notes on top of that. I am picking up some cream qualities as well and it is a complex cigar that is filled with fantastic flavors. Definitely a great cigar, this is a super premium Davidoff, and that is saying something for Davidoff. The construction remains top notch in the final third and it is showing an even burn line with that solid charcoal ash on the end. The ash is holding on firmly and there is a great bit of smoke being produced with each draw. I would say the body and strength are that medium level and the cigar smokes sooth and cool to the end. Easily a terrific Davidoff, the Royal Robusto is a great cigar that begins and finishes wonderfully.

The Royal Robusto is a terrific cigar and a great example of theultra premium work that Davidoff produces. Davidoff produces only high end cigars, but this is in a whole new, superior echelon. It produces an abundance of enjoyable flavors throughout, and with that was great construction and a nice balance between body and strength. With being such a large robusto, this is not a cigar that can be enjoyed in an hour, more like an hour and a half, but with how terrific it smoked I smoked the cigar in two and a half hours. This is a cigar for special occasions and while it shows some classic Davidoff qualities, there are some unique and improved aspects with the cigar. With its wonderful qualities though comes a high price tag cigar, and on a personal level I could go back and forth about the price of the cigar. Price aside, this is a flavorful, well constructed and balanced cigar. There is a nice bit of complexity throughout, and I am giving this cigar a solid 90 rating.

Seth's Humidor Rating: 90