May 29, 2021

Cigar News: Espinosa Premium Cigars To Begin Distribution of D'Crossier

Yesterday, D'Crossier and Espinosa Premium Cigars announced that Espinosa Premium Cigars would begin distribution of D'Crossier, effective immediately. When asked about the agreement -

"Santana is a very driven man; a true craftsman, with a real commitment to keeping cigar traditionalism alive with his blends and packaging.  We have a bond of friendship and mutual respect that transcends the cigar trade having spent countless hours together, working trade shows, events and on each other's blends" says Espinosa.

"Erik has been in the cigar business for 20 years and has been successful at every level.  I believe that this relationship will make my lines available where they have yet to be seen or experienced.  I believe this partnership will be reciprocal, with Erik opening some doors for me at Pure Aromas and I opening a few for him" says Santana.