April 28, 2021

Cigar Review: Flor Del Valle Sky Flower

In March of this year, Kyle Gellis of Warped Cigars announced that there would be a fourth and unique installment to the Flor Del Valle line. Flor Del Valle is the company's Nicaraguan puro line made in Nicaragua, and it is a project that came about with the assistance of the Casa Fernandez team. It has become the more regular production line for Warped Cigars you may say, and what originally started out as two sizes quickly moved to a third and fourth. What makes the fourth size, Sky Flower unique was that it would be a twist on the Flor Del Valle line, and would feature medio tiempo tobacco in the blend. With a new blend came new packaging, and it is a release that is grabbing the attention of many. Casa Fernandez has done an incredible job of getting the word out about their AGANORSA tobacco, and with the greatness of their tobacco is the limited and prized AGANORSA medio tiempo. Today we look at Flor Del Valle Sky Flower, and see how the medio tiempo announces itself in the blend.

Sky Flower is the latest addition to the Flor Del Valle line, and it is the fourth vitola to be released for the line/brand. It is a modified version of the core Flor Del Valle line, and it is blended with some medio tiempo tobacco in the blend. Sky Flower comes in ten count boxes, and while production is regular, it will be fairly limited given the use of the medio tiempo tobacco. It is a corona gorda by definition, and it measures 5 5/8" with a 48 ring gauge. The Nicaraguan puro comes with a Corojo '99 wrapper and has a filler and binder blend of Criollo '98 and Corojo '99 tobacco. Like the rest of Flor Del Valle, Sky Flower is made in Esteli Nicaragua by Casa Fernandez at TABSA. With a solid triple cap, the corona gorda is rolled very well and is completed with a beautiful band. The wrapper has a nice chocolate brown coloring, and it has a dark Colorado coloring overall There are few veins present overall throughout the entire cigar and it shows a minor bit of tooth with a very soft gritty texture. The foot is giving off an aroma of rich earth, strong spice and leather, while the wrapper is giving off some leather, tobacco, mineral and wood qualities.

Sky Flower begins by showing some of those Flor Del Valle flavors, but you can definitely pick up that medio tiempo tobacco in the blend. It has a nice spiciness to the cigar, and it is showing some pepper and strong tobacco notes. It is accompanied by some softer floral and sweetness qualities, and it has an earthy finish that is balancing it out while making it more complex. There is a lot going on with the cigar, and with it being fairly young, it will only get better with age. I would classify the flavors as being medium-full to full, and the same goes for the body and strength. This is a cigar that will grab your attention, and will show you the greatness of AGANORSA medio tiempo. The construction is simply perfect thus far and it is showing a razor sharp burn line with a charcoal ash on the end. The draw is cool, and with that comes a nice bit of smoke.

As I enter into the second third of the cigar, the Sky Flower continues to deliver those strong tobacco flavors, and it has a nice floral and spice quality present. I have learned to pick up the flavor that comes with AGANORSA medio tiempo tobacco, can you can definitely taste that in the blend. It still shows that sweetness and earthiness that is present in the Flor Del Valle line, but the amped up version is simply awesome. I would say that the cigar is smoking at a medium-full to full level, and it is closer to full right now for the flavors, body and strength. The construction continues to be top notch in this third as well, and it is showing an even burn line with that charcoal ash on the end holding on firmly. The draw is smooth and cool as well, and there is the perfect amount of smoke being delivered with each draw.

When I get into the final third of the cigar, I find that the flavor profile continues to grow in strength and body and that it is showing more of the medio tiempo flavors rather than sweetness that is present with the core Flor Del Valle line. It is great to see the difference in the two offerings, and both are unique and enjoyable while smoking very different. It has a nice floral, leather and tobacco flavor profile, and there is a nice bit of spice on the finish. There are some subtle earthy notes as well that are present in the other Flor Del Valle offerings, but overall it is showing that stronger tobacco flavor profile. The construction continues to be top notch in the final third, and the cigar is smoking cool all the way to the nub. There is an even burn line with the cigar and it has a solid charcoal ash present on the finish.

Flor Del Valle has been a line I have been a fan of since I first smoked it and I think it is a terrific addition to the Warped portfolio. It offers the company with a more regular production cigar, but at the same time nothing is sacrificed in terms of quality tobacco and construction of the cigar. Casa Fernandez has always been solid in terms of cigar construction, and AGANORSA tobacco is simply incredible, with it being phenomenal the past couple years. There is a uniqueness that comes with the Warped offering of AGANORSA tobacco, and that is what makes Flor Del Valle an amazing line. What Sky Flower does is take the line to a whole new level, and it is a level that shows more strength and body, while showing new great flavors. The size used for this release was perfect, and I hope to see this remain limited in the nature that it is. They are smoking great now, showing the strength of the medio tiempo tobacco, but with age the cigars will reach a whole new level. I am giving this a 92 rating, and what a brilliant addition by Warped Cigars to an already great line.

Seth's Humidor Rating: 92

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