April 29, 2021

Cigar Review: Flor de Selva Egoista

I was introduced to the Flor de Selva Egoista last year and did a brief write up on the cigar with Cigar Federation. I was impressed with the short robusto, thought it is not a size I would typically smoke and have come back to it numerous times since then. It is actually a cigar that keeps popping up on my radar for some reason, so I decided to smoke some more and review them on Seth's Humidor. You could could say this is a Cigar Revisited post, but since I never officially reviewed it here, I am classifying it as a Cigar Review. It has been six months since I smoked and reviewed it as well, so I am interested in seeing how they smoke now.

Flor de Selva Egoista is a petit robusto in the massive line that is Flor de Selva, and it measures 3.5" with a 50 ring gauge. It features an Ecuadorian Connecticut seed wrapper from Talanga, Honduras over a binder from Jamastran, Honduras, and underneath that is a filler blend of tobacco from Jamastran, Azacualpa and Jaltepec. The Egoista is a south little cigar, and it is rolled quite well. The bands are applied very well and it is finished with a solid cap. The wrapper sports a few minor veins here and there, but overall it is smooth in texture while showing some nice silky qualities. It has a classic Natural to dark Claro coloring, and it has mature wrapper looking overall. The aroma on the foot is that of hay, honey and grass, and I am getting an aroma of tobacco, wood and manure on the wrapper.

The first half opens up by showing some lovely creamy qualities, but with that is some complexity and depth. I am picking up some nice cedar and hay notes, and I am also noticing some soft coffee and cinnamon qualities. It is not in your face flavors, but they are present and adding a lot to the cigar. There is this coffee and cream like flavor that is very enjoyable, and it makes the cigar a great opener to the day. The body and strength are right at a medium level, and I would classify this cigar as being medium all around and being flavor focused. This is what I look for in a cigar, and it is the growing trend in the market right now which is good. The construction is simply terrific thus far and I am getting a razor sharp burn line with a nice charcoal ash on the end. The draw is cool and smooth, and it is giving off a nice bit of smoke with each puff.

I am in the second half of the cigar now and it is finishing wonderfully. It has that great creamy flavor profile with the cigar and it has a nice earthy quality along with that. There is a little bit of pepper present with the cigar and it is showing those cedar qualities on the finish. It has a nice toasty and coffee present as well, and it is a lovely smoking experience. The flavors are really popping, and they are working well with the body and strength level which is right at a medium level. It is a flavor focused cigar, and as I said earlier this is what I look for overall. The construction is simply terrific on the cigar and it is showing that even burn line with that lovely charcoal ash on the end. The cigar smokes cool all the way to the nub, and it is producing a nice bit of smoke all the way to the end.

The Egoista is a terrific short robusto and if you are looking for a morning cigar, look no further than this offering. It is a great cigar to begin the day with, and while it is fairly soft and creamy which is great in the morning, there is enough going on that it will grab the attention of a seasoned smoker. I typically do not gravitate towards many Connecticut wrappers, I look for a little more in my cigars, but this is an exception and one that I would come back to for those weekend mornings or morning where I can fit a cigar in before work. It has a great length to it so that it is not to long of a smoke, but with the ring gauge you are getting a little bit more and a very cool smoking experience. With a solid medium body and flavor smoking experience, this is a cigar that delivers some great flavors. I am giving this a solid 89 rating.

Seth's Humidor Rating: 89

*Cigars for this assessment were provided to Seth's Humidor by Maya Selva Cigars
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