March 3, 2021

Habanos Critic Review: Bolívar Poderosos Edición Regional Belux (2019)

Belux is not a specific country; let's begin there. Sometimes with the regional program you can tell by the bands where the Habanos is designated: Alemania is for Germany, España is for Spain, and Italia is for Italy, but with bands that say Benelux or Belux, it is easy to get confused. Benelux is actually a union of three countries, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg, and Belux is a combination of Belgium and Luxembourg. You would wonder why the countries come together for a regional program, but when you look at the cost, the sizes of the country, and the market, it makes sense to come together to create a regional release and have it do very well. That is why over the years, you have seen these countries come together to have a regional release. In 2019, Belgium and Luxembourg teamed up to create the Bolívar Poderosos Edición Regional Belux, and today I look at this Rodolfo or Double Pyramid.

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