March 30, 2020

Week in Review (Volume 2, Issue 11)

I don't understand individuals who say they won't review a cigar made to commemorates the anniversary of another online media site. Do you not want to review this cigar because you are afraid it is going to hurt your site? Reviewing it will generate numbers and traffic so if that is the reason I think one is wrong. If you don't want to review it because you are afraid that it is going to draw traffic to another site, then I would say you are not providing quality work to your readers and they leave because they are unhappy with what you're doing. More importantly, if a manufacturer sends you cigars for review and so on, you are merely hurting your relationship with him or her because you don't want to show some love to them and another member of online media. If I was manufacturer I would ask why I bother sending samples to that individual. For being an industry that is all about community, where is it? 

Ninfamaniac by Crux Cigars
A new company with what looks like some exciting blends, Crux Cigar Company recently reached out to me and asked for my thoughts, public and private, on their new releases and I had to begin with the one that most intrigued me. The cigar is the Ninfamaniac and it is a 7" by 33 ring gauge figurado/panatela. The cigar is incredibly unique in all senses and performed wonderfully from beginning to end. This is one of the few blends that has intrigued me since the beginning of the 2020 year and it is a blend I will be coming back to throughout the year as well.

Review coming soon.

Undercrown Dogma
Drew Estate teamed up with Cigar Dojo to commemorates the site/apps one year anniversary and did it with the Undercrown line/brand. The cigar is a variation on the successful Corona Viva blend and in my opinion is sweeter, richer and filling as hell. It is probably the richest and sweetest maduro I have had and it is like no other Mexican San Andres as well. I prefer the Corona Viva blend over this cigar, but this is a nice release and I could not be happier for Master Sensei.

I will be reviewing this soon ... or should I just that I will be reviewing it. (some of you know what's up here)

Ramon Allones Allones Extra Edicion Limitada 2017
The first limitada for the Ramon Allones brand, this was a release that received a lot of mixed reviews. I know some who have loved this cigar and others who have said they were disappointed. I thought that it was a solid release, and a very enjoyable cigar, but for my money I would go with a Gigantes or Specially Selected. There is something about the core Ramon Allones brand that is hard to beat, so when a limitada or a regional edition is released I am excited but I don't get too excited because the hype outweighs the delivers a lot of the time.

Review coming soon.

San Cristobal El Principe
So I was suppose to be talking about this cigar yesterday on What Embargo?, or I thought I was, but in reality our show is next Saturday on April 5th. So, instead of talking about it now, tune in for What Embargo?: Episode Cuatro and listen to Catfish and Big Tuna's thoughts.

Review coming soon. 
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