December 22, 2019

Cigar Federation Store

As a member of the online media I am exposed to a lot of cigars. Whether the cigars are from large manufacturers or those from boutique manufacturers, they typically manage to get their cigars on my desk for review. Some of these cigars are easier to get your hands on than others, and recently I had the opportunity to team up with a group of guys that would make it easier for you to access some of these boutique smokes. Some of these cigars are not available from your local retailer, and this relationship will make it easier for you to get your hands on these cigars and smoke them. On future reviews I will be posting a link for cigars that are boutique and accessible from the Cigar Federation Store so that you can get your hands on these smokes if interested.

These guys are completely legit and provide great customer service. They have close relationships with all the boutique manufacturers they carry, and this will provide you with the opportunity to get some cigars that your local brick and mortar ship does not carry. I will be posting links to the Cigar Federation Store for cigars that I review and they carry, and I will also be putting a link on my page tab at the top, which can lead you to their store as well. Take a look at what these guys are carrying and don't hesitate to email me about a product. I wouldn't post these guys on my site if I thought the cigars were not good or they were not going to be able to deliver the product. Also, do not hesitate to email them with questions, and don't forget to tell them that I sent you there.


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