October 6, 2019

Week in Review (Volume 1, Issue 23)

The difference between cigar smokers and regular cigarette smokers emerges when one gets sick. I am not addicted to tobacco. I love the flavors and characteristics that cigars produce, but I am not one who needs to smoke cigars all the time. I have been recovering this week and I went about a week where I was out of the game with just the minor sickness. Fortunately for me I had reviews written in advance, still do, and I am glad to be back. Thank you all for your patience and hope you enjoy this small week in review. I smoked cigars of all levels this week, good and bad, and it is an example of how some cigars are not meant for all of us. I always try and look at the positive side of things, but sometimes there is nothing that can get you there. 

Son's of Anarchy by Black Crown Toro
I was very interested in seeing what the cigar would be like when it was announced that there would be a cigar named after the show Son's of Anarchy. I was a little weary to be honest with you, but since I am a huge fan of the show I had to try it out. As a cigar I would say that it was completely different than what I was expecting. It was a complex cigar that was very enjoyable and tasty, but for some reason I thought the cigar would have more strength and body. To me it is a cigar I could have at anytime of day but is a cigar that I would smoke when watching the show. These are offered at a great price and available at Cigars International and Cigar.com right now. 

Review here. 

Lou Rodriguez La Mano Negra
Another limited release by Lou Rodriguez! 2019 has been a big year for Lou Rod and he has another hit with his second Mata Fina. Named La Mano Negra, this beautiful box pressed torpedo is finished with an 8 year old wrapper that has been aging patiently. The cigar captures Lou's love for box pressed maduros and I see this cigar aging wonderfully. My review will be posted tomorrow and it will show the details on how much I love this cigar. I do believe it will perform better when dry-boxed though if you are interested in pursuing that road. If you are fortunate enough to stop by one of the Lucky 13 Retailers that were selected then I suggest you pick up a box to age and smoke.

Review coming soon.

L'Atelier LAT 52
When this was released last year I thought it was one of the best regular production cigars released. They were smoking great when I first got my hands on them, which was right when they were released, and they have continued to smoke wonderfully.I have bought some that were reorders and fairly new in terms of production, but yesterday I lit up one my original LATs. Age has done wonders to this cigar and it only seems to be getting better. The flavors were off the chart and is a cigar by Pete Johnson that is so not Pete Johnson. I think everyone has smoked the cigar but if you have not you need to as soon as possible.

Review here.

Camacho Liberty Series 2019
When it comes to the Liberty Series I find that I either really enjoy the annual release smoke or I do not care for it. I was a huge fan of Liberty Series 2018 and was eager to see how the 2019 would be. Yesterday I lit this cigar up while watching Clemson crush Syracuse and I could not have been more disappointed. I think it showed solid construction and pretty decent flavors, but for $17.00 I would not buy it again. I know some said they have liked it though so I am interested to see what others think. Please feel free to share your thoughts but I will tell you for $17.00 that it is hard for me to want to try another.

No review scheduled at this time.

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