February 26, 2019

Cigar Review: H. Upmann Legacy Corona

H. Upmann Legacy
I don't want to sound like a snob, but for a long time I did not bother with the H. Upmann brand. When I say that, I mean the non-Cuban version. I felt the cigars were unimpressive and while they may be constructed wonderfully they did not possess what a cigar should possess in my opinion. I am not the sole individual on what is good and what is bad though, so I just kept my mouth shut. When I heard though that Altadis  was attempting to juice up the H. Upmann brand I was interested. They have been doing great things with other lines, so my hope was that they could do that with the H. Upmann line. I have smoked many of these smokes since this review, and I can safely say that they have succeeded.

The new line is called the H. Upmann Legacy, and is available in three sizes. The line is meant to be a stronger, richer and bolder version of past lines, and feature some vintage 2008 tobacco. The cigar has an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, and underneath that is a Nicaraguan binder. The filler is a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco, and it is pretty obvious that they were going for a more complex and richer blend. For this review I chose the corona vitola, and the cigar measures 5.5" with a 44 ring gauge. It is a dark Colorado coloring wrapper, and very simple/rustic. It is smooth to touch with no oils present, and is slightly firm. I am getting very little tooth to the cigar, and it has an aroma of spices, tobacco, cocoa, coffee and cedar.  
Ecuadorian Sumatra
The cigar begins by showing some solid flavors, and it has a nice spicy kick with that. I am picking up some Asian spice notes, bits of cinnamon and nutmeg, and some nice red pepper aspects. There is a great cedar and oaky flavor profile showing up with that, and it has a nice leathery, earthy and coffee bean finish. The construction on the cigar is terrific, and it is showing a lovely burn line with a nice light charcoal colored ash. It is producing a great amount of smoke with my v-cut, and I am completely blow away with this cigar. I would say the strength level on the cigar is at a heavy medium full level, but it is a cigar that I could smoke anytime, and it is a terrific afternoon smoke.    

When I get into the second third of the cigar I find that the Asian spice flavor profile has increased dramatically. I am picking up tons of cinnamon and nutmeg notes, and it is accompanied by some lovely red pepper characteristics. There are still some nice wood and leather flavors showing up with the cigar, and it is richer than any other H. Upmann Altadis has released. The coffee and earthy finish adds a nice complexity to the finish, and it is still producing tons of smoke. The strength level is still right above that medium full level as before, and the construction is also superb. With a perfect burn line and that solid light charcoal ash this cigar is smoking wonderfully.
Great burn line
I am in the final third now, and I am finding that it is finishing very similar to that of the second third, but at the same time much more spicy. The red pepper notes are really showing in this third, and they are pairing with the rich earth and coffee notes very well. The cinnamon and nutmeg notes are pairing with the leather and oak/cedar flavors making for a well rounded cigar. In terms of strength I would say this third finishes close to full in body, but still medium-full overall. The construction has been phenomenal throughout the whole cigar, and that is the case for the final third. The light charcoal ash remains on the cigar till the end, and when I get to the nub it has a spicy, flavorful and cool finish.

I was thoroughly surprised by this smoke, and I can say with confidence that this is the best non-Cuban H. Upmann I have ever had. It had a great strength level, excellent flavors, terrific construction, and was above all an enjoyable smoke. I loved that the cigar came in a corona format because that is a size I would smoke quite a bit. The pricing on these cigars is terrific as well, which is not a factor in my rating, but a great factor that individuals would appreciate. You will not be disappointed with this smoke, and it is a cigar that proves that Altadis is chaning things around. I myself loved the presentation of the cigar and it was a nice way to add a cool new look while keeping things classic. I am giving this cigar a solid 92 and will be smoking more and more.
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