August 5, 2018

Cigar Review: Tatuaje Reserva SW

Tatuaje Reserva SW
Tatuaje Cigars is a company that needs no introduction when it comes to cigar smokers. If you are reading my blog you have most likely smoked a cigar in the Tatuaje brand, or are a Tatuaje nut. For this review I will be reviewing a cigar that has been out for sometime; but is a cigar that is very limited in its releasing as well. Pete has had several releases throughout the years, a good amount last year, but this is a cigar that has been on the market since the earlier days and continues to move very well in tobacco shops nationwide. If there is any cigar brand that is traded quite frequently among cigar smokers, it is the Tatuaje brand, and of those cigars traded are the cigars in the Reserva line. Part of Pete Johnson's Reserva selection, there is a cigar that is given the title Reserva SW. What the SW stands for is probably what most would not think of at first sight, but it stands for Sir Winston, and the Cuban H. Upmann Sit Winston  cigar that is made in his honor. Being a large smoker that Churchill was, it seems fitting that Pete release another cigar in his honor, and even more fitting that he release a cigar in a size that was given his name because of his love for the vitola. Now I am a large fan of the Cuban Sir Winston, so it will be interesting to see how this smokes in comparison; but more importantly, let us see how this cigar smokes on its own.

Made in Miami, Florida at Pepin's factory there, this cigar is one of the older releases by Pete Johnson that is still made there today. I say one of the older releases, because Pete has had several new releases, limited and regular production, since he began. The cigar is made in very limited production each year, and is also made in the Cuban fashion like all of Tatuaje Cigars. Like all traditional and true Churchills, the cigar measures 7" and has a 47 ring gauge. It features an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that is gorgeous to look at, and features Nicaraguan fillers and binder. The cigar has a lovely Colorado wrapper that is very marbled brown in coloring, and is very oily to touch. There are some veins here and there with the cigar, but it is very smooth and silky. The triple cap is perfect, and there is a wonderful aroma of chocolate, coffee, tobacco and cedar at the foot. There are some spices as well, but it is fairly mellow overall.  
SW  denotation
As I light up the cigar the first item I notice is that the cigar does not possess that powerful spice hit right away which you get with Pepin and Tatuaje cigars. There is a nice beginning flavor profile of cocoa, earth, spices and coffee, and there is this creamy flavor profile as well. I am getting some cedar notes as well, and those are pairing with some lovely rich earth notes also. In terms of construction, the cigar is top notch, and it has a razor sharp burn line that is leaving a firm ash on the end. The ash is the coloring of light gray, and from a distance is almost white. It is keeping the strength level of a solid medium in my opinion, but these cigars might have been sitting a little while and aging. Overall this is a great start to the first third, and I am looking forward to the second and final third of the cigar.
Beautiful Wrapper
When I get into the second third of the cigar I am beginning to see more spicy notes, and those are accompanied by some cedar and earthy notes. There is still some cocoa flavors present, but they have subsided some in this third and taken the back seat. Along with those core flavors, there is a nice leather flavor profile in this third, and also some soft nutty characteristics. The construction is still top notch in the second third of the cigar, and the ash is holding on beautifully. I am getting that solid light gray ash, near white, and it is still holding on firmly to the cigar. I have ashed the cigar since I lit it up, but the remaining ash is holding on tightly and not showing any signs of letting go. I would say the strength level is remaining at that sold medium level, and possibly even increasing towards the medium full side. The cigar is producing tons of smoke, and it is perfect for smoke rings and providing a dense amount of smoke around myself.
Nice White Ash
I am in the final third of the cigar now, and it is finishing wonderfully. Those soft cocoa flavors from the first third have become more prominent in this third, and they are joined by stronger nutty notes and some definite barnyard flavors. The spice levels are also very present in the cigar, and I would say it is more balanced in this third then in the past two thirds. Cedar notes are also present throughout, and it is a cigar that really is showing a core flavor profile tat is very enjoyable. As to be expected, the cigar burns perfectly through the final third of the cigar, and is ending wonderfully. It is definitely a cigar that pays great homage to Sir Winston Churchill, but is also a cigar that is merely great on its own. The ash has kept that near white coloring throughout, and the burn line has remained razor sharp from the beginning. Along with burning wonderfully, the draw has been cool from beginning to end, and produced tons of smoke as well. I would say the strength level has remained between that medium and medium full level, and never so much that any cigar smoker would be overwhelmed. On the last draw the cigar is cool and flavorful, and it will be hard to hold on to the rest of the cigars for the future.
Final Third
This was a cigar that Sir Winston Churchill would accept in adulation, and is a cigar that if he would smoke still if he was still with us. I have not smoked this cigar in a long time, but while at Sunset Beach I discovered a lovely cigar shop in nearby Little River, South Carolina that had some of these in stock. The cigar burned terrifically throughout, and I can say that these cigars are still made as amazing as they were when they were first released. I really thought the flavor profile was complex and enjoyable from beginning to end, and kept a great strength level as well. If you are looking for a special occasion cigar that will not disappoint, then this is definitely a cigar for you. Quite simply, this is another classic release by Tatuaje Cigars, and a cigar that I will hold onto in my humidor for those special times. I give this cigar a solid 93, and if you have the chance to pick some of these sticks up; take the plunge and get as many as you can. It is always acceptable to buy cigars that are no longer "new" to the market, and in this case, more than acceptable. It is hard to compare this with the H. Upmann Sir Winston, but I can say that they are both equally great, and yet different at the same time. I won't tell you which one I prefer, that is for you to decide; and for you to decide regarding your own taste, not mine.
Tatuaje Reserva SW
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